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Casa de Montezelo is a 17th century mansion that has been completely recovered.
It is surrounded by leafy gardens and the available spaces have a capacity to receive (internally and/or exrernally) around 130 persons.

Space offer is harmonious and stylish: main balcony with its stone columns, entrance hall with tile panels, dining-room with fireplace, buffet-room with its unique schist walls, winter garden (green house), private chapel with a beautiful polychromatic wood carved altar, japonic garden, main yard and a century old stone causeway.
All events are fully organized by the owners in the above mentioned spaces. No ready-made tents or pavilions are ever used.
In each case, based on the objectives of the company, spaces can be organised in a personalized manner, optimized for the event.

When your company needs to host special guests or distinguish it's best customers, Casa de Montezelo offers a unique space, relaxing and enjoyable.

The success of your campany's events reside in the capacity of surprising your guests

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