Eventos Empresariais

Corporate Events | Suggestions
Organizing a party of a professional nature, regardless of the number of guests, can and should be simple, fun and exciting.

To help, I propose sharing with you tips, advice and little secrets I’ve been testing over the past 15 years while organizing events in the Casa de Montezelo.

Whatever the occasion hosting should be, above all, a pleasure. But when it comes to a company we must be efficient and professional: it is the image of your company that‘s at stake!

To ease the task the first secret is: organization. Improvising rarely gives good results. Plan everything in advance, nothing better than the security of having everything ready on time, to relax and receive your guests relax.
Start by addressing three basic questions:

1 - What am I celebrating?
2 - How many guests do I expect?
3 - What is the budget?

From the answer to these questions, start coordinating all the details: location for the party (a estate, a hotel, on your premises ...), type of meal (breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner) menu, guest list, type of invitation (letter, telephone, email, sms), decoration, entertainment etc..

The success of your event depends on the combination of all these elements. It's the little details that will make a difference.

A simple meal balanced and served in a warm and professional environment, "watered with good conversation" is all you need to achieve your objectives.

Create an inviting and relaxed atmosphere, make your guests the stars of the party. To "get your message thru" nothing like direct contact with your customers.

A party is all about conviviality. Therefore, please take time to speak and spend a little time with each one.